Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Binary Beings

I cannot touch you through your pictures.
I cannot reach for you through these framed words.
This virtual facade of our genius denies me experience whole.

I scour through these bits and bytes that represent your being.
All the time assuming, never really knowing.

My feeling like my being is organic and inside me.
Something no technology can touch or even receive.
It is exclusively for you in all entirety.

Not in a photo, not in a line, not in a medium that etches shadows of my life.
In flesh and blood i stand before thee.
No more groping in the darkness, time to take delight in the living.

(A precursor to disappearance)


  1. Wait... so you're from The Nilgiris, you're as cute as anything I've ever wanted... you tease me, well :) and now you write well too... MARRY ME, NOW! :P Hahaha! Love the first piece :) Says a lot about what what's going through that inaccessible mind of yours :)

  2. thoughts and feelings are so beautifully translated.

  3. very like, aivin :)

  4. Aivin, loved it...well written, loved the last three lines the most, good work..would love to read more..All the best for your blog..hv fun...

    Deepti Sarnobat

  5. good job ..

    sound like a prayer.. purity is taken for granted.. i guess technology would understand but not humans.. :)

  6. i understand ur emotions i kno technology cannt bar u frm such desires.....

    good one :::)))))

  7. Keep up the good work! Sustainability being key