Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An ode to my breath

Subtle and silent, thou art the master of elegance.
A ghost without color, that which holds so much power.
Like the waves of the ocean, breaking in- one after the other.
The engine of my life is fuelled by your presence.

Thy many forms and modes make kin of animals, plants and microbes.
As a common factor, you are impartial to the universe.
You come as you wish and leave as you please.
Thou are second to none in the bazaar of beings.

The rightful father of language: you carry our each word.
But we the humans think not much of your worth.
In the world of human language Gods are mortal souls.
Fools muse: the primacy of man is not with men, but lies with you.

I eat, sing, dance, laugh, cry and sweat.
It doesn’t really matter whether I’m moving or at rest.
As a man of the world there are so many goals to be met.
“Your lungs work fine” the words of my last cigarette.

So I take you for granted until it becomes evident.
Usually at the battlefield stretcher or the hospital bed.
While running for one’s life or chasing fate.
The ignorance of a lifetime O breath: is met at death.

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